What Is The Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program?

What Is The Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program?

The Partner Assault Response or PAR program in Toronto is a group process that helps offenders change abusive, controlling, and violent behaviors. It is 12 weeks long and is offered to both men and women. However, there is a cost for the program, which service providers determine according to the needs of each individual.

Group process:

The Group Process is a 12-week group ounseling program designed for people who have committed domestic violence and assault against a partner. The program aims to improve partner safety and offender accountability through structured exercises. Group members are asked to examine their beliefs, choices, and past experiences. They learn how their actions and beliefs have shaped their relationships and how to change their behavior in the future. Group members are separated by gender and can join one of two separate groups.

12-week program:

The 12-week Partner Assault Response (PAR) program is a court-mandated intervention program that teaches participants how to become less abusive in their relationships. The program encourages participants to engage in rational talking and acting while valuing their partner’s opinions, identifying their goals, and respecting their rights and activities. It also gives participants a platform to contact their victims and previous partners for support.

Designed to help offenders change abusive, controlling, and violent behaviors:

The evolution of offenders’ treatment programs has been marked by the adoption of various conceptual models, including cognitive, psychoeducational, and therapeutic approaches. These models emphasize the importance of identifying offenders and their specific characteristics and fostering changes in the individual’s beliefs and behavior patterns.

Offered to both men and women:

The Partner Assault Response PAR Program aims to empower men and women to recognize signs of abuse and take responsibility for their behavior. The program helps men identify the causes and consequences of abusive behavior and teaches them to focus on themselves and their needs. The course also teaches men the skills necessary for controlling and maintaining a relationship.


A Court-approved partner assault response program can help you protect yourself and your family from a violent partner. It’s a 12-session program that examines offenders’ perspectives on domestic abuse and teaches them how to resolve conflicts in non-abusive ways. This program can be done in person or over the telephone, and it’s affordable. A single session costs $125. Afterward, you can arrange additional sessions as necessary.