An Introduction To Tattoo Needle Cartridge

An Introduction To Tattoo Needle Cartridge

When it comes to a tattoo needle cartridge, it’s essential to understand the differences between different styles. In this guide, we’ll discuss stacked, weaved, and curved/CM magnums. We’ll also discuss the differences between round and circular tattoo needles. Each of these types offers a different tattooing experience, and you’ll need to know which type of needle is best for your tattooing needs.

Weaved magnums:

Weaved magnums are different from flat magnums. They have alternating pins on both sides and are used for shading or covering smaller areas. They come in odd-numbered groups, such as M1 or M2.

Stacked magnums:

If you have been searching for a better tattoo needle cartridge, you should know about stacked magnums. These tattoo needles are arranged in two rows and have pins that are closer together. They’re ideal for shading and adding color to small areas. They’re available in an odd number grouping and are labeled M1 and M2.

Curved/CM magnums:

The Curved/CM magnum tattoo needle is a professional quality product designed to provide the best ink pick-up and flow. Its long straight tip and low-profile housing are incredibly easy to clean. It is also equipped with a precision mold that is manufactured to produce the smallest gap possible, ensuring no splashing or shaking of the needle. The brand also employs many tattoo masters as part of its technical team to monitor and control quality. Its ergonomic design makes it non-slippery and anti-rotation for optimum comfort.

Round magnums:

Tattoo artists use round magnums for a variety of purposes. Unlike other types of needles, which are usually stacked in groups of five, these cartridges are made with an odd number of pins. This configuration produces more color saturation and is great for shading and packing small areas. They are also popular among traditional artists who prefer to use a thick, bold color on their skin. Tattoo artists using these cartridges are also better able to add color to small, intricate designs.

Cheyenne needles:

The Cheyenne needle is an ultra-precision tattoo needle with a long ink flow. These tattoo needles are made with a capillary with a reservoir for the ink. You can use the Cheyenne Capillary Cartridge Magnum Needles with confidence and get great results with your next tattoo.