Make your own Postcards

October 21, 2015
Make your own postcards

headerSnail post is regarded as the best things to get. There’s nothing can beat starting your mailbox and (after sorting through all of the junk magazines and expenses) finding a letter from a single of one's best friends, as well as a Christmas card from remote loved ones. There’s a good to handwritten post (and postcards, short while they are) that simply can’t be surpassed with smart mobile phones, Twitter, and tweets.

In terms of postcards are involved, they’re a breeze to deliver and need less work than letters, but are equally wonderful to receive! In my opinion, the funnier and faster the message the better — the dull (and jealousy-generating) “We’re in Ireland, it’s therefore beautiful here! Miss you!” won't ever defeat anything hilarious or an inside joke. I’ve gotten some quite funny postcards from buddies, and I’ve saved every one.

Postcards are not only a powerful way to meet up with distant buddies you've gotn’t seen in centuries, also super easy (and cost-effective) to create — you can cause a limitless level of initial and beautiful postcards without investing a dime. They’re quickly, also, which means you can mess-up over and over without wasting time or cash, and you will perfect your postcards to a design you like. Therefore, without additional ado, right here’s my help guide to building gorgeous do-it-yourself postcards for family and friends!


1-suppliesIn just various quick ingredients, you’ll shortly be on your journey to creating your own snail post confections!

Some rules you’ll need:

  • 4×6 inch blank flashcards or 4×6 inch template
  • Cardstock — white is better, but you can experiment!
  • Scissors
  • Colored pens, pencils & markers
  • Metallic Sharpies
  • Mod Podge/glue (Mod Podge is truly better because it acts as a sealant)
  • Glue brushes
  • Food color
  • Plastic disposable glasses
  • Old magazines & newspapers

Optional but fun:

  • Colored ribbons
  • Needle & thread
  • Metallic paints
  • Watercolors
  • Sequins
  • Music artists’ paper with various designs
  • Old pictures
  • Old movie
  • Fortune cookie fortunes
  • Whatever else you'll think of might in theory be glued to a postcard

step2I’ve separated the rest for this post into two components: I’ll begin with the fundamentals, then go over more detailed instructions the instance postcards I’ve used right here.

The Basics

The first step: ready your work area. Since you’ll be working together with glue and sharpies it could get some messy, therefore you’ll want to put down a vintage newsprint to stop getting any glue on your table or counter. You’ll also want a plastic throwaway cup with a little whatever to keep your brushes in between dipping them in glue. Furthermore, various report towels isn’t a bad idea.

{Tracing a 4×6 postcard onto cardstock}

Step Two: Cut out a 4×6 bit of white cardstock, or glue two 4×6 index cards together (they tend is flimsy, so you’ll like to reinforce all of them when it comes to post). Once you add levels towards postcards they also be thicker. Ensure that the glue is also and obtain the sides! Try not to trickle too much glue from the back since you won’t produce over it.


Next step: Prepare the back of the postcard by drawing a line along the center as shown (I like to draw mine some to the right and so I have significantly more composing space) and then by attracting 3-4 perpendicular lines on the right for the mailing address. I recently eyeballed these and used a ruler for a straight side — don’t stress if they’re not all the completely in-line. You could make little designs from the straight back all over sides or simply just keep it ordinary. (And indeed, this is certainly my very cool presidential ruler, circa second grade.)

{An example background made of magazine text blocks}

Fourth step: Decide what you’re gonna wear leading and gather the mandatory materials. You can do an easy design you can also make a postcard from a particular location (I guarantee this appears cool whether or not or otherwise not you’ve in fact gone to Paris, Italy, or wherever). You can cut-out mag advertisements or terms, draw something and cut it out to make use of, color entirely on the postcard, or develop several layers towards postcard using more cardstock (more on this method later on). Either way, i will suggest gluing down a simple back ground very first — whether it’s coloured paper, shimmery art paper, or a magazine advertising — to serve as the fabric for the design.

Action Five: complete incorporating levels towards postcard. Provide the whole front a coat of Mod Podge — this can become a sealant and waterproof your design for just about any tumultuous experiences in U.S. postal system. Important: try not to coat the trunk. This may back it impossible to write in. Additionally, be careful going over coloured pens — they may run.

Action Six: Write and deal with your postcard, pop an enjoyable stamp on it, and deliver it when you look at the post!

Certain Designs & Techniques

Here I’ll supply types of a number of the cards I’ve made and details as to how you can easily achieve similar result.

Postcards from Magazines

Among the most effective ways generate postcards is grab a collection of manner or vacation mags, cut out one (or a couple of) of the preferred photos and words and level all of them — you can make a detailed collage or keep it easy, as I’ve done right here.

step5 poetry ne butterfly
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