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August 20, 2021
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If you want to drive sales, increase brand awareness, get donations and communicate with customers, direct mail remains one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics.Even compared to relatively new media like Social and Internet marketing, direct mail can often deliver more results for each dollar invested. According to a USPS survey, on average, direct mail generates $15.60 for every dollar spent. Its reach and the precision of its targeting make direct mail very powerful.

You can work with Eye/Comm's direct mail experts to develop a customized program to create awareness, build retention, drive profits and ensure you’ll make a powerful impression with your next campaign.

Value-added Design Services Reduce Costs and Increase Performance

Get help with your mail piece specification and get information on postage regulations to maximize performance of your direct mail program and avoid pitfalls that can cost you money. This is a free service and if we approve your mail to go at automation rates we stand behind it. Don't have to pay surcharges to the post office by not getting your art approved before you print! Postage is your largest expense. Do not give more money to the post office than you need to.

Provide press-ready files or use our experienced design team. Either way, you're assured that your projects are produced cost-effectively and according to your specifications from start to finish.

Quality Mail Lists drive Successful Direct Mail Programs

Let Eye/Comm help you refine and manage your lists so that you address a necessary part of a successful direct mail campaign.

You'll work with a direct mail expert to define your target audience and to analyze your current database. Together you'll perform List Profiling to gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, consumers' values, attitudes and product preferences.

Overlay demographic and psychographic intelligence onto your customer data and you'll develop highly targeted direct marketing lists matched to your specific offers.

Personalization increases Response Rates

To achieve your marketing goals, you need to make sure that your offer really appeals to each person who receives it. People respond when you talk directly to them on a personal level. Work with Eye/Comm to add intelligence to your data so you can tailor your offers to appeal to each individual you are mailing to.

Achieve true 1- to-1 personalized marketing with Variable Digital Printing.

Variable printing significantly boosts ROI by, on average, delivering response rates 7-times higher than conventional direct mail. With Variable Digital Printing, you "vary" each printed mail piece to show different graphics, copy, offers or photos specifically designed to appeal to each individual recipient. It can be as simple as a personalized letter or as complex as a full-color brochure.
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