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August 16, 2021
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Find out about the kinds of products which can be sent utilizing EDDM®, just how these pieces are dealt with and what type of details your print piece needs to include.

Specifications and Instructions for Your EDDM® Mail Part:

To be able to qualify for the Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) program, the U.S. Post Office (USPS) calls for that most EDDM® mail pieces conform to certain directions. Learn more about the types of materials that can be sent using EDDM®, how these pieces should be addressed, and what sort of details your print piece needs to include.


The EDDM® system calls for you to definitely mail Standard Mail commercial flats for simplified addressing. A Standard Mail commercial flat for simplified addressing is defined by the USPS as a rectangular mail piece with four square corners that:

  • Is at minimum 6.125 ins tall, longer than 11.5 ins large, or higher than .25 inch thick.
  • Is no above 12 ins tall, 15 ins lengthy, or .75 ins thick.

To be considered as a commercial flat, the post piece must surpass just one associated with measurements, but not exceed the maximums. Otherwise, it's regarded as being a parcel.

Mailing Label Alternatives

Mailing labels must appear on the top half of the mail piece. The orientation associated with the label will not matter. The most truly effective 1 / 2 of the piece can be the shortest end.

Retail Choice

All EDDM® post pieces should feature a pre-printed mailing label that uses a simplified addressing format. If making use of a BMEU (company Mail Entry Unit), acceptable types of this format are:

  • "Postal Buyer" for company and residential deliveries
  • "Residential Buyer" for residential-only deliveries
  • "PO Box client" for PO package deliveries

The EDDM2Go solution sends all EDDM mail pieces utilising the BMEU technique. Nevertheless if you use EDDM® - Retail, all labels must make use of the "Local Postal Consumer" structure.


There Are 2 forms of indicias for EDDM®:




  • The EDDM®- BMEU indicia displays the permit quantity in the last range (while using the EDDM2Go solution, this postage license number would be ours) and "PAID" seems on another range.
  • The EDDM®- Retail indicia has got the words, "EDDM Retail" imprinted on final range and "PAID" seems on an independent range.
  • All post pieces will include "ECRWSS" into the target location. "ECRWSS" means "improved Carrier path hiking Sequence Saturation."

Just how EDDM2Go Will Help

Count on EDDM2Go becoming your one-stop-service for full, turnkey EDDM® promotions. All of our EDDM2Go items are certified using the USPS dimensions, label, and indicia requirements. Included in our all-inclusive method of EDDM®, we in addition care for all the documents, the mailing licenses, and the bundling - making sure all mailings tend to be prepared and sent rapidly, without having any additional cost or problems for our customers.

Source: eddm2go.com
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